The Tao of Hoover

Because it's so time consuming wading through bullshit

18 September
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"It's like I've always said. You can get more with a kind word and a 2x4 then you can with just a kind word." - Marcus (B5)

"You have the opportunity here and now to choose to become something greater and nobler and more different that you have been before. The Universe does not offer such chances often..."


My life is like that of a fiery Pheonix. Constently bathed in the fiery contempt and desrision of the real world only to arise from the ashes to reach past it and soar to the next rebirth.

Truth is a matter of inconvenience, thats what makes it so easy to lie.

Ignorance may be bliss, but the pay sucks.

Dreams are an interesting thing. Based on reality or not they are something we strive to accomplish in our lives. Be it that my dream is not possible now, I will be there to make sure that someday it is. May it not be in time for me, someone will be there to keep the dream alive. So long as there are those who strive to make dreams into a reality life will go on.

Truth is a three-edged sword. The truth you believe to be. The truth someone else believes to be. And the truth that is. They sometimes overlap but are almost never the same.

Destiny is just a misnomer in time. One can say his past was destined to be when looking back from the future. However, in the past and present we choose our future destiny.