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GRRRRRRRRRRR ARGGHHHH *sigh* okay so I'm a geek and love science… - The Tao of Hoover [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 27th, 2004|02:31 am]
[mood |deflated]
[music | Deadline[1]]




okay so I'm a geek and love science fiction, and the fact that I'm a thorough and sometimes anal retentive person pisses me off even more because I missed this.

David Weber, who besides George Lucus, is the biggest reason I have been so turned off of Star Wars, movies books or otherwise ( though the writing skills most of the Star Wars books authors besides Timothy Zahn, Kevin Anderson and a few others had something to do with that as well). Anywho, Weber's signature series along with many of his others has been the best reading material I have had the joy of getting my hands on. So why the frustration?

Well the next book of the series The Shadow of Saganami while in the Honor Harrington universe is actually a spin off and not a "direct" progression in the series. While I'm sure it will further the series and that I will immensely enjoy it for the last two months I have been rereading the entire series in preparation for it's November release. I just went to Bean to order it online which of course gives me the first half starting next month and another quarter each of the next two months. In a gross act of negligence I decided to look up the summary of the book on Amazon after I placed the order which means the elation I just felt at knowing I would see the next book in the direct line of the series so soon fell flat on its face.

I know its petulant and to be quite honest I'm not really all that mad its just disconcerting that I missed reading up on that fact *sigh*.

Though to make up for it I found a wonderful military book site which I imagine I'm going to be spending quite alot of money on in the coming months. I've been spending way too much time of Science fiction and fantasy books of late it's time to reground myself in the reality of history and strategy books. Especially with the book I'm writing finally starting to get off the ground.

The prologue chapter has gone through 3 revisions so far, 5 if you count that I wrote the first accounting back in high school, though I lost that file long before I wrote it again for college. Even now I know it's not all that great but each time I get progressively better at writing it and to be quite honest I'm proud of the things that are coming out of it.

I've even had some brilliant insights into the character that I'm planning in the fantasy series that I'm basing around him. It's funny, I have far more time and energy as well as personality invested into the science fiction universe that I've had in my head since Christmas of 1991, but I think ultimately the fantasy story is the better by far. I haven't even begun to lay the groundwork for the beggining of that story but the middle and the end have so much more emotion and well more down to earth reality then my other story does. I want to write both and I'm oh so much more attached to the story of the science fiction novel but honestly I think I actually care and understand the central character in my fantasy novel even more. I've finally stopped dragging my feet and started actively laying in the groundwork and timelines for both stories though. I haven't really started writing either but the framework is coming together nicely. Who knows maybe someday they might even be published.

Other then that I think I need to focus of learning how to hack into computers so I can locate David Weber go into his computer and pull the manuscripts of his new novels out before he publishes them. hehehe not really but I guess everybody has their obsessions.

[User Picture]From: starsaradia
2004-07-27 11:22 am (UTC)
Several of my friends are writing books (or trying to). Not something I have the patience for.. hell, I can't even write a short story.

But more power to you creative type people (:
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