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A little more each day [Jun. 10th, 2004|04:15 am]
[mood |Sleepy]
[music |Record of Lodoss War - TV Opening Credits]

Okay I'm being good I'm updating more often then i ever have though.
w00t my little is on my friends list now. ahhh it's so nice to know that geekiness runs in the family. I'm sure I'll be hurt for that sometime sooner or later but I'll live with it.

Anyways not much new work goes life goes and things seem to be faring a bit better then from the earlier dark poem. I've taken some time to write more on my stories and they seem to be shaping up. The plot is great I think I just need to go through half a dozen rewrites before it becomes good material. Ah it's so disconcerting to go back and read something that you thought was brilliant a few weeks ago and realize it was trash. Now I really wish I had my original copy from high school just to see the difference.

Let's see Saw Shrek 2, Harry Potter 3 and the 5th season of B5. Shrek 2 was better then the 1st one. What can I say it was just great. The Harry Potter movie was definitely different. I loved it but as always the book was better, about the only thing bad I can say since I realize that in a movie you have to do the best that you can is that the director made it a little TOO real. It lost a bit of that fantasy otherworldly quality that makes you long to be there.

The 5th season of B5 well what can I say the 3rd and 4th was the best and well those that know know why those that don't well just watch it. The last episode though written in the 5th season still brings a few tears to my eyes at points. I always loved shows that can bring out raw emotion. Maybe that's why I like classical music and soundtracks so much.

On a musical note I've made a promise to myself that I will not become scary Rob. If I'm still in the area and have a good job I might just might do one more year, though that's just to get into the NCAA finals when Drexel finally wins the big next year. But I think I might try my hand at the French Horn if I do. so yeah August I'll prob decide but maybe just maybe one more year of waving my hands and conducting at the basketball games but it will be the last. David will be graduating and I WILL NOT be the oldest guy around. I guess If I really do love it I'll actually have to start practicing and try for community band.

I'm really going to miss that Yamaha though. such a great instrument even though it's heavy as hell.

Of course now I think of a billion things that I'd love to put into live journal but that will make one long ass entry that no one will read so I'll just write them down and remember to write about them later.

welp back to good music David Weber and some gaming. Later.

"Because it's so time consuming wading through bullshit" - Hoover: on being blunt