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Whoa [Jun. 9th, 2005|12:45 am]
[mood |accomplished]

It's Alive ALIVE
Yes this is Hoover and I am back on the air. How permanently I don't know but I figured I'd leave a msg here. For those of you that don't know I'm full time Bartending at a fine dining Italian Restauraunt. I'm living currently at the "reformed crack house" though looking avidly for a new place to live. I'm doing well lost a hella lot of weight on the great weight plan of I had Mono really bad. Yeah it's great no food for three weeks is a great weight loss plan let me tell you. But I'm over that now and hanging in there.

Been doing alot of things here and there but not really enough to keep in touch with everybody. I'm going to be trying harder though. OH I do have two cute adorable little children now. Their torties and they like to sleep curled up next to each other heheheh. Yeah well when I move outta the city I'll get a nice dog till then the kitties will have to do.

Let's see I'm typing to you from one of my new playtoys a brand spanking new Mac powerbook. GASP YOU SAY. Yes I took the plunge and went to apple. Though when I pick up enough money again I'll be building myself a windows machine. I still have to keep one around for the time being. OH and let me tell you IPOD's RULE BABY. Oh yeah!!! If anyone feels like dropping a line feel free to do so I'm a lil bored in this lonesome life of mine. lets see

Oh yeah shameless plug. My work is doing Alex's Lemonade stand (if you don't know what that is look it up damnit you should know) this Friday Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to drop by for it I might even be working it during lunch time on Friday seeing as I rarely get any customers during lunch. So come see the wonderful bartender Hoover at Penne Restauraunt at 3611 Walnut street as I may make my wonderful lemonade martini, shaken not stirred, and no gin of course :).

Anywho that should just about do it for now. time to get some sleep from writing this and doing drawings and history background on some novel ideas. Whoa me a writer. who'd have thunk it. heheheh toodles and
I'll Be Back
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2004|01:10 pm]
[mood |sad but moved]
[music |Goldsmith - Rudy (Take Us Out)]

Wow I'm a little slow to the draw this time around.

Music Composer Jerry Goldsmith died of cancer about 6 days ago. He is better known for the music behind movies such as Patton, Alien, Star Trek, Rudy, and many others. He has written some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard, is one of my three favorite composers and has written perhaps the most beautiful scores involving a french horn. One of my favorite instruments the hauntingly beautiful manner in which he composes for it is unbelievably moving. I've actually seen tears roll down on some peoples faces when listening to some of them.


*sigh* I know that life goes on and that the music will live on forever but it does bring to mind all that which we have and all that which we lose. So many of the great composers we have are nearing the end of their lives. The duality in losing so much but having so much else live on.... well for once I can't really put words to it.
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2004|02:31 am]
[mood |deflated]
[music | Deadline[1]]




okay so I'm a geek and love science fiction, and the fact that I'm a thorough and sometimes anal retentive person pisses me off even more because I missed this.

David Weber, who besides George Lucus, is the biggest reason I have been so turned off of Star Wars, movies books or otherwise ( though the writing skills most of the Star Wars books authors besides Timothy Zahn, Kevin Anderson and a few others had something to do with that as well). Anywho, Weber's signature series along with many of his others has been the best reading material I have had the joy of getting my hands on. So why the frustration?

Well the next book of the series The Shadow of Saganami while in the Honor Harrington universe is actually a spin off and not a "direct" progression in the series. While I'm sure it will further the series and that I will immensely enjoy it for the last two months I have been rereading the entire series in preparation for it's November release. I just went to Bean to order it online which of course gives me the first half starting next month and another quarter each of the next two months. In a gross act of negligence I decided to look up the summary of the book on Amazon after I placed the order which means the elation I just felt at knowing I would see the next book in the direct line of the series so soon fell flat on its face.

I know its petulant and to be quite honest I'm not really all that mad its just disconcerting that I missed reading up on that fact *sigh*.

Though to make up for it I found a wonderful military book site which I imagine I'm going to be spending quite alot of money on in the coming months. I've been spending way too much time of Science fiction and fantasy books of late it's time to reground myself in the reality of history and strategy books. Especially with the book I'm writing finally starting to get off the ground.

The prologue chapter has gone through 3 revisions so far, 5 if you count that I wrote the first accounting back in high school, though I lost that file long before I wrote it again for college. Even now I know it's not all that great but each time I get progressively better at writing it and to be quite honest I'm proud of the things that are coming out of it.

I've even had some brilliant insights into the character that I'm planning in the fantasy series that I'm basing around him. It's funny, I have far more time and energy as well as personality invested into the science fiction universe that I've had in my head since Christmas of 1991, but I think ultimately the fantasy story is the better by far. I haven't even begun to lay the groundwork for the beggining of that story but the middle and the end have so much more emotion and well more down to earth reality then my other story does. I want to write both and I'm oh so much more attached to the story of the science fiction novel but honestly I think I actually care and understand the central character in my fantasy novel even more. I've finally stopped dragging my feet and started actively laying in the groundwork and timelines for both stories though. I haven't really started writing either but the framework is coming together nicely. Who knows maybe someday they might even be published.

Other then that I think I need to focus of learning how to hack into computers so I can locate David Weber go into his computer and pull the manuscripts of his new novels out before he publishes them. hehehe not really but I guess everybody has their obsessions.
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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2004|08:02 pm]
[mood |WEEEEEEE]
[music |ptica feat. Linda - Faraway (Extended Version)]

Ah, the god that is Howard Shore.

Now if only the bastard had actually been there. hehehe actually it's all right I wish he had been there to conduct but his and the actual conductors compliations were outstanding

OH well. The Lord of The Rings Symphony Concert at the Mann Center was Awesome last night.

The boys choir and the mezzo soprano were especially good. Unbelievable voices from that stage. For a couple of the things I was a little iffy on their choices of instrumentations and bridges but for about 99% of the symphony well lets just say i'll be getting the CD.

Besides the concert it was just nice to be able to lay back listen to the music and enjoy some good wine. I can't wait for the Tchaikovski spectacular in a couple weeks. Great music, great fireworks and great wine. hmmm Maybe I should take the bus instead.

Other then that nothing much new on my front. Kim has about a billion things going on right now and a hell of alot of complications arising from good news. Don't you just hate it that even when things are going right it can still give you ulcers. Anyways more on that later.

Clean Clean Clean, I swear I must wash my clothes every other day or at least it seems like it. Stupid Courts didn't notify me that they were bringing someone by to look at the apartment. I know I want to get out of the last month of the lease but they could at least tell me instead of knocking while I'm half way into cleaning up and just happen to be in the bathroom on the john at the time. Stupid Stupid Courts. But the place looks better just have to fold some clothes. A few bites on the work front but nothing really big. Just nods and pats on the back for the most part but progress is being made... hopefully. Anywho. That's it for a nutshell I'm outta here
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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2004|11:23 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

O Fortuna

velut luna

statu variabilis,

and so on and so forth. *sigh* ahh I love the philadelphia orchestra... especially when I can see them for free. Yep a blanket, no wine this time, a couple books and a night at the Mann for Pictures at an exihbition and Carmina Burana. Kim and I have our favorites but of course both were great. The Baritone and Soprano were awesome. The fireworks afterwards were cool too. It was a nice stress relief and worth switching out of a shift of work. I'll make it up later.

Nothing much else new got alot to decide on in the next month or so but things are looking up. Definitely looking up.

Speaking of looking up I stared at the sky for quite awhile tonight while listening to the concert. I haven't done that in ages and you know what, I really should have. I think I found something up there that I left behind a long time ago. Hopefully it will lead to some movement in the life front. Anyways I'm going to get back to reading my book now and listening to some more great music.

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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2004|03:19 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

Number of posts since last checking Livejournal: 81
Number of hours slept in that time: avg <5
Number of things that have gone wrong: who knows.

This has been a roller coaster few weeks.
Kim has been going through some highly stressful times and the things happening at Drexel haven't been helping.

I haven't been on AIM in over a week which is a first for me in a long time. I've found myself just to busy doing a plethora of about a million things. I popped on around now and of course no one's around to talk to... big surprise heheh.

Nothing new on the job front though excessive applying of jobs has restarted now that I've found a reason to move on again. I imagine things will be back to normalcy soon but for right now I'm all hectic and not very talkative.

yeah that's it for now I'm tired and have to be in work in less then 5 hours so yeah later
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Quizzo Quotables [Jun. 10th, 2004|04:48 am]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |The Rocketeer - To the Rescue and End Titles]

Oh yeah Quote of the day from quizzo. Which of course is from 2 days ago but I forgot to post it especially since AJ's website is down

Me: NO really why did you get contacts? Did something happen to your glasses?
AJ: *laughs for about 2 minutes*
Me: Why is that so funny?
AJ: I..... Don't.... Know.....
Me and AJ: *laughs for a bit*
AJ: *continues laughing*

*scratches head* yeah I'm still confuzzled over that one to.

Then again I'm talking about the same person that will laugh at anything that Tom says so I guess I should be used to this after 5 years.

That and I made fun of Kathe most of the night. I almost felt bad but then she ripped right back. I wish Tom was there though, I was in one of my rare moods where I was actually good at making fun at someone and I owe Tom so much that it would have been nice to have the opportunity to catch up a little.

Oh and since it came up again and we still need to use it

Todd's couch has seen more action then Todd.

*laughs my ass off* okay I'm up to late cause that reminded me of another quote.

*sigh* I miss Dennis too

Todd to Dennis: Well even if you graduate you're still from New Jersey.
Dennis to Todd: Well even if you graduate you're still Todd.

ahhh yes time to stop this. Good night
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A little more each day [Jun. 10th, 2004|04:15 am]
[mood |Sleepy]
[music |Record of Lodoss War - TV Opening Credits]

Okay I'm being good I'm updating more often then i ever have though.
w00t my little is on my friends list now. ahhh it's so nice to know that geekiness runs in the family. I'm sure I'll be hurt for that sometime sooner or later but I'll live with it.

Anyways not much new work goes life goes and things seem to be faring a bit better then from the earlier dark poem. I've taken some time to write more on my stories and they seem to be shaping up. The plot is great I think I just need to go through half a dozen rewrites before it becomes good material. Ah it's so disconcerting to go back and read something that you thought was brilliant a few weeks ago and realize it was trash. Now I really wish I had my original copy from high school just to see the difference.

Let's see Saw Shrek 2, Harry Potter 3 and the 5th season of B5. Shrek 2 was better then the 1st one. What can I say it was just great. The Harry Potter movie was definitely different. I loved it but as always the book was better, about the only thing bad I can say since I realize that in a movie you have to do the best that you can is that the director made it a little TOO real. It lost a bit of that fantasy otherworldly quality that makes you long to be there.

The 5th season of B5 well what can I say the 3rd and 4th was the best and well those that know know why those that don't well just watch it. The last episode though written in the 5th season still brings a few tears to my eyes at points. I always loved shows that can bring out raw emotion. Maybe that's why I like classical music and soundtracks so much.

On a musical note I've made a promise to myself that I will not become scary Rob. If I'm still in the area and have a good job I might just might do one more year, though that's just to get into the NCAA finals when Drexel finally wins the big next year. But I think I might try my hand at the French Horn if I do. so yeah August I'll prob decide but maybe just maybe one more year of waving my hands and conducting at the basketball games but it will be the last. David will be graduating and I WILL NOT be the oldest guy around. I guess If I really do love it I'll actually have to start practicing and try for community band.

I'm really going to miss that Yamaha though. such a great instrument even though it's heavy as hell.

Of course now I think of a billion things that I'd love to put into live journal but that will make one long ass entry that no one will read so I'll just write them down and remember to write about them later.

welp back to good music David Weber and some gaming. Later.

"Because it's so time consuming wading through bullshit" - Hoover: on being blunt
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2004|02:26 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

Happy mood today many things accomplished.
Got a fan for my computer to help it cool off the piss ant thing doesn't work. I think I'm taking it back to Best Buy later on today.
*sigh* cool off and run CPU better my ass.

Tonight was rather hectic and on my mind helping a friend in need. *sigh* You know as stupid as some things I have done in my life I dunno if it makes me feel better that there are stupider ones made out there then I've done or that I should be worried that I might accomplish those sooner or later. Introspecitve nights are wierd sometimes. It lets you open up and see things you never thought you'd see. Though I think sometimes that I forget about those things I should know that will keep me well grounded. And if you can understand all this you must be as bleary eyed and sleep as I am. I think there was more to this post but I can't remember it all. yeah. that.
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(no subject) [May. 22nd, 2004|01:42 am]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |t. Linda - Faraway (Extended Version)]

Cool little tidbit for today. Of course being in the Marching Band in high school i've gotten very familiar with this movie while on trips. Always interesting how Blues Brothers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Princess Bride, and, unfortunately, Grease. So who wanders into Penne today but one Wallace Shawn, better known as Vizzini from Princess Bride. Wow I guess Hollywood stars actually do visit Philly on occasion. Go figure. heheheh
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